I have heard strange stories
Disturbing information
About the coming end of the world
The Mayan prophecy and the ancient Long Count Calendar
December 21st 2012
The beginning of a new era
The end of our time on earth as we know it
A transformation
I went on an expedition to find this prophecy
To connect the dots
(in time)

3D Music Performance

In a homemade 3D theatre a musical strange story unrolls and tries to connect the dots. Welcome to Getting Back in the Whole, our individual and joint pursuit of making sense. There is no need to panic.

The performance takes about 50 min. with some spoken Danish and English, set within a strong musical score.


Tuesday 02.10.2012
20:00 Release at Science and Cocktails, Byens Lys, Christiania's Cinema, Copenhagen.

Monday 22.10.2012
18:00 Performance at Københavns Musikteater, Kronprinsensgade 7, Copenhagen.

Sunday 11.11.2012
21:00 Performance at Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Nikolaj Plads 10, Copenhagen.

Saturday 01.12.2012
22:00 Performance at CafeTeatret, Skindergade 3, Copenhagen.

Friday 21.12.2012
21:00 Performance at Warehouse 9, a former slaughterhouse, Copenhagen.
Doomsday party after the last performance!


75 DKK / 50 DKK (under 25)
(all tickets include access to the final party the 21st of December 2012)
Click here to buy your tickets online


Idea, Music and Performance: Deborah Vlaeymans
Videoscenography: Ole Kristensen
Music producer: Johannes Asbjørn Eberl Smed
Director consultant: Anne Zacho Soegaard
Production assistant: Jon R. Skulberg


Getting Back in the Whole is kindly supported by



For questions or press inquiries contact: Deborah Vlaeymans, mail (ikke @ noget) in-transit.org, +45 60 80 23 52